The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 29th of September 2004
Gun’s are barbaric. Rarely used with any form of elegance, nor should it be, really. Just point and pull. BLAM. Dead. Especialy with a .45 Col 1911, like Saff’s gun. “God didn’t make all men equal. Sam Colt did.” I prefer a scalpel. Saff prefers a cleaver (more limb severing action, I guess).

I originally figureed a Heckler and Koch Mark23, Mod 0 for Saff’s gun (SOCOM. Solid Snake’s gun). Sturdy, powerful, accurate, and apparently easy to trace. After talking with Rick, who knows way more than I do about guns, we worked out the Colt 1911. Customizable, powerful, common. Optional silencer leaves just the clink of the slider shifting back into place and loading the next round. That’s the clink in the comic, BTW. The round casings are non-register molded (provided by Seras. Saff doesn’t know that much about ballistics) and after each use, Saff roasts the barrel and puts in a new one (Suggested by Seras, again).

Please note, Saff is not a gun heavy person. That only other time we’ve seen her use a gun was when she first met Clifford Abberline. However, when surprised or taken off guard, Saff goes into cleanup-and-retreat mode. Abort mission, kill any witnesses, and get the ‘ell out’ta there.

So…Um…It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again.

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