The Mike Says...
Friday the 24th of September 2004
Iíve been self reflecting. Trying to get a glips of my soul. People do it, you know. Anyway, Iíve realized that I really donít care more about anyone other than I do myself. Iím not saying I donít care about other people. I love my family and like my friends, but there really isnít anyone Iíd lay down my life for.

I think thatís strange, because that feeling seems common in the world I live (I am assuming itís the same world as you live, too). The heros strive to protect others, motherís love children, lover love loverÖetc. But I donít.


Yaí know, this lack of caring may have something to do with my internal severance from society. Maybe I should look into that.

Speaking of looking into, check THIS out

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