The Mike Says...
Monday the 20th of September 2004
Hello to all fans out there. And to everyone else, Noggin TV is That-away.

You see that I am experimenting with Panel Structures. This may continue a bit until I get a feel for it. Iím sick of the same olí panel every single comic. Iím a man who needs a lilí variety in his life. That whyÖIím umÖ.

OK, Iím planning to dye my hair. Iíve never done it and I want to. Call it early mid-life crisis. Call it trying to blend in. Hey, better yet, call the color. Iím thinking Blue, Red, or Bleach it. Canít decide. Saw Simon Pegg in Spaced and kind of liked the bleach hair.


So, Monkís on and I gotta watch.

Peace Ouch, yo

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