The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 1st of September 2004
Yeah. I couldn’t think of anything for a comic today…well…that’s not true. The Truth is Chuck Plymale, Artist of Chuck and Elmo, was over at my place and I wanted to eat and play games, not draw today. Am I lazy? You bet. So Chuck said “I’ll draw it.” And he did.

So, meanwhile, Mike is busy sitting in his chair behind the slaving Chuck.
“This is the life,” He says. “Just sit’n back…putting my feet up…Eating pickle-chips…Ah…”

When he was finished, he wanted me to come up with a punch line. I told him to put a severed arm, with a bite in it, in my hand and I’d say “Don’t feel bad. We all have a lil’ Paul Harvey in us.”

He just stared at me and said “No.”

Funny how a chainsaw trumps cannibalism each time.


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