The Mike Says...
Friday the 27th of August 2004
Yeah yeah. I’m late. I’m also a little pissed right now at my friends. I love ‘em and all, but they’re constantly patronizing me. They probably don’t even know they’re doing it, which Is worse ‘cuz it means they’ve excepted that I’m ‘Stupid’ and don’t even think about whether or not I can tell the difference between meat or flesh. I swear, one slang like metaphor and they’re all like “the human jaw doesn’t have all the much meat.” Or what ever. It really is like they assume I’m a moron.
That’s probably the reason they’ve been keeping me out of they’re conversations recently. Also, that whole “I’m going to move no matter what,” thing and then my plans falling to pieces prolly reinforced my “I’m the biggest idiot ever,” image.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being over sensitive. It’s just there are fewer thing that can piss me off than the feeling that I’m being talked down to. Makes me want to cut into someone’s face with a razor…but then the razor would get caught on the bone and ruin the blade and THEN where would I be?

So…Um…Yeah. Monday, the original comic schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) will return. I can’ finally finish off this Red vs Saff story.

Peace the hell out, yo

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