The Mike Says...
Friday the 20th of August 2004
K, people. Me’s done moving…kind’a. And is unpacking. I’ma gonna’ update on next Friday, to finish bits for the new website. It’s still be, just spiffier looking…I hope.

Thank you’s to you people sending my mail saying “Hang in there.” And “Good luck with the move.” And “Stop that. It’s annoying.” I love me some reader response. You’s guys are awesome just for keeping up with the comic enough to notice.

In other news, I finally figured out how to get the Vote Button to automatically update sketches. So, literally, there will be a different sketch everyday for voting. Right now, I got 8 of em up, and I’m adding to the list every couple of days. Not that I’m trying to extort votes from you…well. Yes it is.

That’s it for me, this week. I could go on with the whole “My job was lost” thing and my incredible disappointment in my pals who offered the job, but it’s really none of your business. Think of something else. Try playing this game.

And, of course,
Peace ouch

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