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Friday the 13th of August 2004
I知 preparing to move to another town.
Something that, for whatever reason, few people are for and most people are against.

Kind of disturbing, really. Friends split on the issue. Some split away from me.

Wellthat痴 unfortunate. Friends are sacred to me. Even if they feel their advice is ignored, and they feel that I知 killing myself by moving, Their still my friends. If they choose not to be, their still my friends.

So I知 moving.

The reasons are complex and indescribable of why. There is no logical argument of why I need to move. No acceptable method to the madness. Not faith, not money, not growth, not boredom, not charity, not stress, no chemical imbalance, not fear, not spontaneity, not love, taxes, technology, family, friends, cars, houses, dept, obligation, smell, sight, listening, taste, or touch. But I do.

Need to move, that is.
And the only partially acceptable reason I give give you, dear reader/readers, is that I知 searching for something, and it痴 not here.

And my life will change. It will be nothing I expected. IT will either rock, or suck. Half chance. I値l either be in poverty in an unknown land, with no one to help, and no one to lean on, or I値l be able to live well, and focus on my comic (which I want to make a living off of eventually). Either way, I値l get a gem. A pearl. A Devine touch. The Cursed Blessing. The rewarder and the punisher. The only real spice to life, as inevadable as time itself:


Welp, folks. Onto the blind plunge I go. Support me or advise me, but at least wish me luck.

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