Hey, me again. Yeah Iím late. Iíll get to that inía sec. By the way, todayís rant is brought to you by the phrase ďSomeone set us up the suck.Ē

First off, let me give you a piece of advice. Donít ever try to explain to someone how you feel about something, someone, or yourself. They either donít believe you, or more likely, are incapable of understanding. The best example is music, but I find myself constantly running into this problem when describing my job and my taste in anime.

The Anime? That I can handle, but my current job has made me more miserable than Iíve ever been in my life, except that time I was sent to a boys home Ďcuz I threatened to slash my wrists (that was just a call for help. This isnít). Every morning I find myself wonder why I get up. You ever see Office Space, where the guy says every day is worse than the last, so each day you see him he can honestly say itís the worse day of his life? Yeah, just like that.

That, plus I think I broke my friendís washing machine by washing my clothes, something I dare not do again. Now I gotta figure out how to pay for it when Iím saving up to get the hell out of my job and outta this freakín city. Itís like the job is working itís hardest to suck me back into it and keep me in Spring Hill while simultaneously getting worse with micromanaging, job demands, pressure, and stupidity. Every customer I talk is like a punch in the gut, and I know, deep down, that they hate me, as do the Powers That Be at my work place.

But, hey. What the hell am I doing trying to describe to you how I feel. Screw it.

Now the fun stuff. I know you guys (all six of you now) love this comic dearly, but I canít keep up 3 comics a week, plus work 40 hours, plus try to get my apartment spiffy looking to sublet, plus setup a home in Tulsa. How ever, I donít wanna just stop, or Iíll go crazy and cut off my last ear! (shaving accident) So until further notice, when my life settles down, Iím going to update on Fridays only. However, the bonus sketches in my vote page will change every Monday through Friday (I figure I own you at last that for putting up with meÖandÖumÖI want the votes).

Now excuse me while I beat my head to a pulp on these wood-work walls of mine. Gotta make things look pretty, donítcha know

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Wednesday the 28th of July 2004
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