The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 21st of July 2004
Have you ever wanted to eat a child? Sure, we all do. Well, now you can join the Eat A Child Foundation.

We here at the EACF believe that itís your right as an American to eat children. Alas, the conservative body feels that pedocanibalism is counter productive on the road to the future, but we at the EACF understand that what they donít know canít hurt them.

Weíve been posing as the Ethiopian Adopt a Child Foundation for years now, to import that delicious baby meat from 3rd world countries, Asia, and France strait to your door step. All it takes is a couple of dollars a day for sizzling human veil.

Just think: For the price of a box of altoids, you can get REAL baby back ribs. The joys of sucking down the supple forearm of an eight year old is a natural pleasure we should all experience. And itís no longer for high standing eccentrics, sociopaths, and republicans. You can eat little Susie, too! Just send your money to A Modest Proposal, also know as the EACF.

Remember. Only you can make a difference.

Hee hee hee

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