The Mike Says...
Friday the 2nd of July 2004
Wow, Iím really sorry. This oneísÖnot real greatÖHumÖ

So, anyway, Itís cuz Iím busy getting ready to switch the site around and stuff. You may want to check out the Guest thingy Chuck Playmale did for me. Itís in the Download page. Fear his MSPaint skilz!

Speaking of Chuck, heís convinced me to join Buzz Comix, as you can see from the safety orange link above. (I looked, they didnít have a Red and black one. DAMN IT!) Ifín you like my comic, vote fer me. Ifín you donít, check BuzzComix for someother awesome comics, yo.

Next weeks, a dating game of a different sort starts.

Peace Ouch, yo

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