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Thursday the 17th of June 2004
OK, I got’s some ‘splain’n to do. First off, I’m used to being a dream when it comes to getting my comic out on time. But, here we are, and there’s only one comic out this week. What happened?

Well…I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows. I was extremely sick on Monday and extremely board, to I reinstalled Windows. And I forgot EVERYTHING I EVER INSTALLED.

Everything. EVERY THING.

So, WHEEE! I was busy trying to fix my computer, install all the right programs, and either create an Admin page for the web site or reinstall Access to edit my database that this comic sits on, all while some invisible entity was punching me in the stomach and…um…watching Shrek 2 with my friends, but still suffering from bowel plumming problems.

So, I apologies. I’m sorry, you people that came to see my comic updates, only to find the same comic from last week. Sorry that all I could muster was this rushed comic above, created hastily while I fix my scanner again. Sorry to you 5 people who read my comic and the 1 reader who checks it regularly (That would be Timothy Barberson at 1519 N. Perkins St, Springhill, OK, 74074. Send him thanks, too)

On a brighter note, I’m..hee hee…actually caught up on my comics and it should be updating on midnight of ever mon, wed, and fri from this point on. Ironic, eh?

Um…Sorry, folks

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