The Mike Says...
Monday the 24th of May 2004

URU is daí Game, yo! Daí game Ďbout Díni, yo. And Iím playing it. On Saturday, thorugh Sunday, I played it 20 hours strait, then rested for about 6 hours and played some more, then went to bed, woke up at like, 5:00 in the morning and played some more. Iíve just about gotín the hang of this Díni numbering system. I can count to 10 (or )and thatís something.

Meanwhile, Iím trying to track down the music from the Anime ďNoir.Ē I was banging my ahnd to the most beautiful sound track evaí and wouldnít you know it, itís composed by Kajiura Yuki, the same composer of the .Hack// music. Jeemus.

As we speak, Iím jamming to Canta Per Me (Sung in italian by a japanese woman, go fig.)

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