The Mike Says...
Friday the 30th of April 2004
Hum…Well, first off, my trying to draw a comic ahead of time didn’t work out the way I wanted to. Why? I have no idea.


On another note, for reasons untold, I have joined into Deviant Art and am testing the waters. We shall see how this goes.

Anyhoo, Me’s not going anywhere. I’ll still be drawing this comic. Until God come and says “Why you draw’n ‘dat comic, bro?”
And I say “Wha’cho talk’n ‘bout, God? I be draw’n ‘dis comic ‘cuz you make’s me draw’n ‘dis comic.”
And he says “Aw, no you didn’t. You got’s free will, baby. Yo’ can’t be put’n ‘dis all on me, yo. ‘Dat is NOT COOL.”
And I’m all like “’Eh, yo the All knowing ‘n whateva’. You figure it out.”
And then we get in this big argument over who said what and who holds the ultimate responsibility, but you usualy have break-up/make-up sex afterwards and I’ll tell you, no one in the world takes an ass pounding like God.

Oh shit, there’s lightning outside

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