The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 21st of April 2004
I took a lil' test from Asylum on 5th Street. And the results are:

I'm Jin!
You are the owner of the building, and the artist of the comic strip. At least you think you are, and you often talk to "readers." You're either breaking the 4th wall or completely insane. You've got a short temper, and do not suffer fools gladly, but care for the people in the building in your own odd way.
Read Asylum on 5th Street and take the quiz!

Meanwhile, I've been sick, and watching Murder she wrote companied by Tomato soup. Being sick sucks 'cuz it makes me look lazy…which I am, but that's beside the point. I just don't feel like going to work wearing exploding bowels as an accessory.

Man, Angela Lansbury is hot.

Did I type that, or did I just think it?

I'm going away now.
Peace Ouch, yo.

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