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Friday the 16th of April 2004
KO, People. First off, I got asked today, “What do you say to the family of people, whose family are murdered by someone inspired by your comic?” (I admit, I’m paraphrasing. The whole thing would take too long) Welp, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.


Now if someone kills someone else, then there was something wrong with the murderer to begin with. If you’re so lame as to be inspired by my work to KILL someone then I have this to say:

“First off, thank you very much. You’re one of the 5 whole people who even READ my comic. Second of all, (now stay with me on this)…get a friend. Get a Family member. Someone who you feel doesn’t hate you, because something is wrong with you if you want to kill someone else. Period. Better yet, start to draw a comic, not unlike mine! You don’t need talent. You just need to be psychotic, angsty, or or twisted (of which must’ve drew you to my comic anyway). Why the hell not? It keeps me from killing. Actually, so does the other voices in my head, but hey, who am I? I’m just the dude you’d kill for. What do I know?”

OK, with that out of the way: If’n you REALLY want to show up to Stillwater, OK and you wanna watch Kung Fu Saturday or Sunday, E-Mail me at The Marathon starts when the First person gets to my door. If no one shows up by 11:00 pm, I’m going to bed and that’s the end of it. Please, no psychos who want to kill me…or other people…or that I want to kill.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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