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 Post subject: Arkham
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:32 pm 
Natch Necromancer
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Yes Arkham, this one. Containing, among other things, Miskatonic University. Fictional and big, but maybe not as old as New Arkham, heh. Maybe someone has a date it was 'founded' because I haven't found it...

*Checks his arms and feels his head*

I've just finished a few hours of web based research into Lovecraft related information out of curiosity. My head hurts, which is rare for me, a good sign that I've taken in a bit more than my fair share today. Some of it I already knew, most of it I did not. I'm going to skip over most of it though and sum up my direct thoughts, or die trying.

We are now collaborating as artists have in the past and we have an edge they don't.
I already like the way New Arkham looks more than the old (so confined and square).
Look at that railroad... right where I was thinking of putting ours later...
Teluca University anyone?
And Dream World

*Fox's head splits open in a near vertical and jagged line, if only momentarily*

The look on your face tells me I need to hurry this up. I'd imagine Grim already has a plan for how death works in New Arkham so this will probably be edited, a lot. I'm up for adding another element to the town. Entered by dreams (Lovecraft). When the mind becomes unconscious it slips into it. The dead and dying are consumed by it. If strong a dead character can survive and possibly even exit that world back through the mists to New Arkham. But only if the town wants you to, or you can somehow escape it's notice. It might not be spiritual. It could be psychic, extra-dimensional, shared delusion, non-terrestrial, or anything.

I surmise to say that the New Arkham we live in normally is the "dark" and decay. Like the shadow world in Silent Hill. Making New Arkham's other side the 'sane' and 'normal' one, right? Hehe, thought that might be good for a laugh. Though the more I think on it, what if that really were the case. Where we exist in darkness and many NPCs are just bodies from that other 'Real' state just dreaming, zombie-like. When we lose form in our dark New Arkham we echo over to the other 'living' town, where it's influence is even stronger because that's it's real form. Making our New Arkham what?

A digestive tract? Food processor?

Also, Lovecraft asserted that he is responsible for the invention of the idea of and name of the Necronomicon and that it is fiction. Also stating that he didn't write it out because it is obviously better when left to the imagination. It is in a lot of his work and he, as well as others, have taken lines "from it" and used it in their work. A wieldy Necronomicon would be abridged, an unabridged version being hundreds of pages long. Nearly every copy would be a translation of a translation. Considering that there are lines in it generated by writers over the centuries that means it could be that it's big because it grew over time... so, the internet. We are writing in the Necronomicon right now. No wonder it's so dangerous. Big and in a language that would fry your brain if you tried to read it directly.

Now it's time to assert that I bound a personal copy in my own hide... it's fluffy and cuddly.


I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.

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 Post subject: Re: Arkham
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:36 pm 
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9_9 I'm no expert on Lovecraft, but I'm a huge fan and have listened to many of the Podcrafts multiple times. Ideas Ideas Ideas.

Like Lovecraft's Arkham, which was founded by those escaping persecution of Salem, the founders of New Arkham were not well. But what's worse is the something that happened to poison the dream of the city. The kind of venom brought by 500 mosquito, rotting in the skin, but battled by humans, as if we were some kind of anti-body.

Like Imaginos, the town tests our ability to respond to evil.

Something of the town lies to us. Was the sky always red? The sun always Black?
Out in the mists, the children play and torture and scream like demons from hell, all designed with our minds in mind and...I forget. Who started calling them children?

The books of the Occult in New Arkham were never written in leather bound dusty tombs, but newly sewn children's paper books. Just bits of pages folded in half and bound with string. Someone has been writing them for that last 50 years and hiding them around town.

<_< We require an old house at the edge of mist like that which titers on the cliffs above King's Port. The house so old even the Terrible Old Man who adorns his house with jars of leaden-ed threads (whom he speaks to at night) remembers the ancient abode when he was but a boy. A beacon to call dreams to us.

9_9 As guardians of this cursed city, we can only add, never subtract. Here's hoping we don't add the wrong things.

^_^ FUuUN! hee hee.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

 Post subject: Re: Arkham
PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:15 pm 
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But in the eternal twilight of such a place, that which festers with rot and decay births more of a bounty then purity and life.

If wishes were fishes then we would all drown.
But death would be so delicious.

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