A comic by Mike Rojas and the Natchians.

So, what is the Worlsend Project?
The goal is to create a community of artists and writers to base stories on the setting of Worlsend and its universe. Highly influenced by Silent Hill and Lovecraft, Worlsend is a dark town that collects people for whom the world has ended.

What's up with this comic?
The Worlsend Comic is my own creation, but the stories are decided by the community. The ideas and setting are made by fans and the story is written by me. This is a ransom style commission which means for every $10 dollars I will release a page of the story. You can support me here, if you like.

Why is everything so cartoon like?
Fan made stories and art need not be so cartoony. I just chose this style to make it easy for others to draw the characters.

How can I get involved?
Follow this link here. Sign up on the forum (the character name is "saffron") and start talking to us. Or run off on your own website and I'll link to you. If you need a list of characters, check it out here. You can contact me at natchevil @ gmail . com